Dear Theatre-Kids of the Damned:

Thank you for the out-pouring of photos and enthusiasm.

You are not alone.
You've been in these pictures.
You've been in these productions.
You've been socially obligated to go see your roommate in these productions.

You feel no shame, nor should you.
(Well, maybe a little. But that's okay.)

Embrace your inner earnest Undergrad!
Cringe with love at your overly-noble sense of Drama!
Use the term "Brechtian" for no good reason!

And pass the blog onto others like you.

In Due Sincerity,
Professor DreadWhimsy.

Title: Coming to Terms (1983)

At a mythical high-school reunion, nine different sides of ambitious career-driven 20-something Joanne Winterbottom face each other in a night of revelations, laughter, and tears.

Title: Oy, Missus, That's My Husband! (1980)

The classic British farce of mistaken identity, sexual politics and labor relations set against Margaret Thatcher's 1979 election night victory.

Title: The Loom Weavers of Kraxon (1993)

"An electrifying new stage adaptation of the best-selling children's fantasy, The Loom Weavers of Kraxon transports us to a far-distant kingdom to ultimately teach the most intimate lesson of all: namely, that Love cannot be outlawed." -- Kip Sparling, San Diego Tribune.

Title: Fetch Me A Torch, Boys! (1986)

Gathering in a Fire Island piano bar in Heaven, the many ex-lovers of Rodney, long-lost to AIDS, sing songs of defiance and pride in this staple of 80's downtown theatre.

Title: Father Never Said Hello (1987)

(They stand a little longer. The wind rising.)
"Come on, Billy, time to go. The car's waiting."
"I just have one last thing to tell Dad."
(Deborah walks off-stage. Billy, alone at the grave-site:)
"...goodbye, Dad. Goodbye."
(Fade to black.)