Title: Conspiracy of Desires (1991)

Adapted from the British play, Surreptitious Longings, adapted from the French play, Touch/Longing/Sickness, adapted from the Swedish play, We Who Love Must Also Then Die.

Title: Moonshine Over Maple County (1977)

"Emmy, you reckon the Man in the Moon knows what Daddy done?"
"I know it's so."
"How come?"
"Cuz he came to me in a dream, stupid. And he drew me this map. I'll trace it here in the sky for ya. It's a map right on out of this nowhere town. And you and me, Linny, sometime real soon we're gonna follow it. You hearin me?"

Title: Escape from Atlantis, the Musical (1998)

The smash-hit jukebox musical featuring the songbook of legendary folk-rock pioneer Donovan. Watch for the Act One show-stopper "There is a Mountain," choreographed to a stage full of ethnically diverse school-children riding atop papier-mache elephants.
[5 out of 5 Stars. Simply un-missable.]

Title: Wickedness, Thou Art Woman! (1657)

Posing as the new Governess to upper-crust Pennyfarthing Hall, infamous London courtesan Sally Slapmeet exacts an hilarious revenge on her betters in this perennial crowd-pleasing comedy of manners.

Title: Flowers Are Free, Aren't They? (1983)

The fantastical heart-warming tale of Benji, the lonely, mentally retarded savant boy-next-door, who builds the perfect playmate, Candytots. Over the course of one magical summer, he comes to understand friendship, love, loyalty, and the cruel price of puberty.
*Due to mature themes, children under 13 are not admitted without an adult.*