Doing Your Cubicle Sit-Ups.

You.  In the fluorescent-lit cubicle biding your time.   No, not you.  The weirder-looking one.  Yes, YOU.  Do yourself a favor and don't rush off just yet to the break-room because it's 9AM on Bagel Thursday and, if you're quick, this will serve as your breakfast and lunch today.

Pause and do a 2 Minute Mental Exercise, which, as is widely-known, is the very opposite act of consuming a bagel.  You're in 7th grade English class again, the way you've always dreamed about but felt ridiculous admitting (even if only to yourself).  Now take out a Number Two Dixon Ticonderoga pencil and begin:

Pick a picture and honor it by writing a "titley" Title and no more than 3 lines of either action or dialogue that captures, in a nut-shell, the entirety of the story you see.  


Look!  You've gone and told yourself a little story and smiled this morning.  That's because you're creative and smart.  That is a small mental exercise.  

Ohhhhh... GO ON and grab your bagel, then, if you must.

That is all.

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