Professor DreadWhimsy's Sublimity Award #1

These publicity stills shone like a cluster of diamonds in the Google-gravel. They deserved more than a mere glance. They all-but-dick-slap you with their theatricality. No, no, that's a good thing. No it's not. It can too be a good thing. Hey, whatever man, you called me. You're the one standing in a darkened theatre with me, so don't give me that.

You see, these photographs achieve a near pitch-perfection of utter Sincerity, then move past it, bending light, warping space-time, reaching the Sublime, where they exist like some quantum particle paradox, simultaneously genuine and ironically-knowing--

YES. Yes, my Minions, the prophecies were true.

Behold that which has transcended the Post-Modern Galactic Rim:

I love these pictures and thank these humble strangers.

That is all.

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